No.72 Claire de Foucauld

We pride ourselves on our extraordinary exploratory program! Students are offered many opportunities to explore their interests through the various classes offered.
Exploratory classes include: Career Connections, Band, Home Economics, Computer Technology, General Music, Chorus, Foreign Language, and Technology!

03. April 2012

mixed media installation ,Honor Roll’, paper documents/video/jell-o

Claire de Foucauld
1986, born in France
2006-2012, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien
2005-2006, Lettres Modernes, Lyon

2011 Kabin Jeopolitik – with Eren Ileri – Save Your Date
The Mechanic – Hollabrunn
2010 Stop Horsing Around – Hilger BrotKunstHalle
De Futurs Adultes – Private Commission
Erwachsene – Seeding Art Auction