No.92 < t < a < n > g e > n < t > > c y, Beijing

It’s as if something… that could orbit, something referring one object to another. Think of two dancers, dance, with a movement seen from above that forms a tangent, it lets loose, one object of another, flung through a space. Neither knows exactly the…

No, it’s not that either.

It’s the lack of any precise movement, its the timing of things, in relation to… In relation to…

There’s no use trying to define it here.

Imagine a series of situations where objects on a surface change their location over time, who is to say that while those objects are attempting change, that the background, having its own agency, can not transform also.

So what is the point then? I don’t get it?

Quantum dancers, tangential space, non-linear movement. Seething, leering, movement, political movement, its as if, through trying to combine these forces, that new agency can manifest.

Is that not how all agency manifests?

You’re right, its true, there is no definition of agency as movement, it is not defined, it just is, it is present in the work, present in the viewer, the patient, the transcriber of an unknown origin.

Where was the video with the boat made?

B is for Bobr.

“ … this was the river B, A was rowing the boat…and we were on the way to make these paintings on these white cubes in the middle of nowhere … ” – D

The show <t<a<n>ge>n<t>>cy presented at the Austrian embassy in Beijing is the result of a chain of (good) events, bringing together three artist collectives,<dienstag abend>, See you next Thursday Kunstverein (SYNT) and Fusion Reaction.

. Axel Stockburger (AT)

. Desmond Mah (AU)

. Dora Deliyska (BG)

. Dorota Walentynowicz (PL)

. Fernando Mesquita (PT)

. Kai Maier-Rothe (DE)

. Lia Karl (AT)

. Phelim McConigly (IR)

. Sophie Thun (PL)

. Xi Wang (CN)

. Zeng Xin (CN)