No.90 ICA Yerevan

At ICA Yerevan we explored questions of situation specificity through a community based, site- specific curatorial process and artistic practice in visual arts. The inquiry we aimed at raising with our initiative was  deconstructed, materialised and subsequently transmitted to an audience through a workshop/exchange program with local artists from which we developed an exhibition at the Karoyan Gallery in Yerevan.

Our proposed creation of a framework able to stage, in a consequent way, specific entanglements between local and international artistic production, which was similar to previous <dienstag abend> projects dealing with artistic practice itself, being that our aim is to shift a large part of the emphasis from “what” is done to “how” it is done, directing our quest towards the visualisation and sensory experimenting of the subtle balance between artistic practice and the works it produces. In this sense the experience at Yerevan had a direct impact, in terms of methodology, in the development of our own practice. Furthermore the collectives exchange with Armenian artists and cultural producers working with site specific or contextual practice (with works and interventions strongly determined by the specificities of the space where the project is taking place) will opened a precedent for further collaborations.


Collaborating Artists included:

<dienstag abend> with:

Andranik Petrosyan

Anna Vahrami

Anush Ghukasyan

Ara Petrosyan

Arthur Petrosyan

Ed Tadevossian

Jakob Vrba

Marine Karoyan

Mikael Hovhannisyan

Nazareth Karoyan

Tigran Aleksanyan

Vahram Galstyan