No.86 Press To Exit, Skopje

<dienstag abend> No.86 is a workshop about situations, interventions and interferences.

We want to share the myriad of processes that have come to define how <dienstag abend> takes place through different events, exhibitions and editions. For it we invite our guests to find a situation, to intervene on it and to receive back new interventions and interferences that might take place upon their own work.

In our collective practice, a situation may be a way of making our surroundings intelligible to ourselves after an individual reading of the moment. Embracing misunderstandings and errors, these readings fuel an ontology of feedback loops and their contingent outcomes, enabling a situational understanding of space instead of an exclusively representative one.

As a site-specific workshop conducted in the city of Skopje, we consider all spaces as a field of interest: public, commercial, emotional, institutional space, etc…The works and artistic interventions are immaterial, as well as the posterior and unpredictable interferences that will happen upon them. Documenting and sharing are rooted in the amazing processes of oral tradition and will form the material substrate left after our workshop