<dienstag abend> is both an artist’s collective and an event format.

<dienstag abend> was founded in 2009 at Kunstraum Ve.Sch by Ludwig Kittinger and Fernando Mesquita, in 2015 joined by Ana de Almeida, Sophie Thun, Dorota Walentynowicz and Phelim McConigly. Based in Vienna, <dienstag abend> activities are implemented throughout various locations in the form of numbered editions.

<dienstag abend> is considered to be a situation composed by its acteurs, the local environment and/or the collective mechanisms that are triggered in each of our project editions.

<dienstag abend> deals with questions of curation and (new) forms of display, the collaborative projects are reflections about the very process of intervening in a space. What are the inherent effects upon a specific place in the urban landscape while faced with an artistic intervention and which are the implicit power relations within an intervention that happens outside the place’s own dynamics? These and other questions are materialized in project specific curatorial processes and artistic practices. The nomadic projects feed themselves from the specificities of a myriad of spaces and display the roulette of dynamics inherent to working at/with what is public, private, associative, commercial, non-commercial, institutional, hype, forgotten, structured, wild (…).

<dienstag abend> situates events that are driven by the idea of heterarchy, is always collaborative, interdisciplinary and site-specific.